What to do in a crash

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What to do if you are involved in a crash

Crashes are common. Most crashes are minor, just a prang, without anyone being hurt. If you do happen to be involved in a crash there are some things you need to remember:


▪ Stop

▪ Switch off your engine

▪ Turn on your hazard lights


▪ Don’t panic. Take care getting out of your car – watch out for traffic – people do get run over by cars after a crash


▪ If anyone is injured call 000

▪ Don’t move anyone who’s been injured unless they are in immediate danger

▪ If someone has to be moved (if they’re in danger), support broken limbs and be careful not to twist their back or neck

▪ For someone wearing a helmet, lift the visor but don’t remove it unless the person is vomiting or has stopped breathing

▪ When removing a helmet, have one person support the head and neck, while another gently lifts the helmet off from the back

▪ Have information on your location ready for the switchboard operator so they can get to you quickly


Once everyone is safe you will need to swap information with the other driver.

▪ Time, date and location of the crash

▪ Name and contact details of the other driver – including their drivers licence number

▪ Rego number, make and model of the other vehicle

If there are any witnesses get their name and contact details.

Even if you’re not injured, being in a crash is stressful and can leave you feeling shaky. If your car is safe to drive but you feel shaky see if someone else can drive you home.


Call your insurance company as soon as you can to report the incident.

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